Sqaure 這種透過 iPhone 解決各種小商家想要解決的金流問題所推出的巧妙裝置,其實正是台灣這樣的小型廠商,最能輸出全球最棒的產品。Mobilogics 推出以 iOS 為基礎的無線條碼掃描機(Wi-Fi Barcode Scanner),正是符合 Sqaure 精神超優質產品,這家只能藏於世貿一館二樓還借牌展覽的廠商,很幸運地被我們發現出來。

Mobilogics 應用的功能包括商家銷售、醫療服務、產品物流、POS系統和教育。推出的 Wi-Fi Barcode Scanner 是世界上除了 Apple 專賣店以外,唯一推出該解決方案的產品。公司提到這款無線掃瞄器為了取得 Apple 的認證(Made for iPod、iPhone、iPad),當中要申請的過程實在相當辛苦,其中無線訊號干擾的測試是非常難以跨過的門檻。目前兩款掃瞄器價格都是 149 美元,並有 SDK 好和其他廠商的軟體作結合的優點。


Computex 2011: Mobilogic iOS WiFi Barcode Scanner
Small companies We were quite lucky to found out ingenious small companies such as Mobilogic,

Hidden away inside another company's show booth on the second floor of TWTC Exhibition Hall 1, Moblilogic is a small company with a big idea for helping small business doing their inventory and POS. Their solution, WiFi Barcode Scanner, is the only one of its kind besides those used by Apple Stores. According to the company, in order to obtain Apple certification (Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad) for these wireless scanners, relentless and hard efforts were made just to get through it. Wireless signal interference test in particular, was a very difficult hurdle to overcome with. At the moment there are two models of their WiFi barcode scanner, both retail for 149 USD with SDK for software developers.

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Mobilogics 目前有兩款實體產品,第一䥗是上圖套上 iPodtouch 的紅外線掃瞄器,另一個是左上角小型掃瞄器,可以裝載在 iPad、iPhone、iPodtouch 等 iOS 裝置。
Mobilogics currently have two actual products, first one is a infrared scanner, as pictured above with iPod Touch fitted on. The second is a smaller scanner attachment, as pictured above on top left, for iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and etc.

配上 Mobilogics 所設計的軟體 App,透過紅外線掃完商品條碼後可以立即透過WiFi傳輸到店家後台的資料庫,讓一般的店家不用高昂的成本也能使用如7-11般的POS系統。
With the App designed by Mobilogics, barcodes can be scanned and transmitted to a database in back-end server, allowing small businesses to have handheld wireless barcode scanner without the high cost.

Scan button is available in the forms of touch gesture, virtual button or physical button located on the right-hand side of the device.

這是 Mobilogics 設計的 POS 簡易應用軟體,可將掃描完成的進出貨商品資料直接存入該軟體中,也可以將資料匯出/匯入到 GoogleDocs 文件。包括上面的兩套軟體,都是 Mobilogics 的 DEMO 軟體,該公司有釋出 SDK,好讓開發商可以把自家的軟體直接結合 Mobilogics 的產品使用。
This is a generic POS application developed by Mobilogics. The scanned barcodes can be stored in a inventory database or export/import into Google Docs document. All Mobilogics software mentioned here are generic software applications for the purpose of demonstration, the company do release SDK for their products for solution developers to integrate Mobilogics products into their applications.

這是 Mobilogics 的展示 iPad 的應用情境:未來商家可以在一邊用 iPad 展示產品,如果消費者願意購買的話,可以立即掃描條碼作結帳的動作,這個部分我覺得透過小機器來應用可能還是比較好的部份。
This is a demonstration scenario with an iPad, small business can use iPad to assist product demonstration/promotion, and if the consumer is willing to make a purchase, the product's barcode can be scanned immediately to complete the transaction.