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這幾天爆出 WD My Book Live 連網儲存裝置會自動刪除數據的事件,網路上已經有不少苦主在怨聲載道回報指他們都損失了以 TB 計的重要回憶和檔案。甚至因為密碼失效而無法登入 WD 的雲端診斷服務。其中一些使用者就在執行記錄中找到,他們的裝置是在星期三的下午 3 點收到執行指令,要求關機和進行原廠重設。

由於 WD My Book Live 是可以透過有線和無線方式連網,以便讓不同平台的電腦、手機等裝置使用,所以這種來自網路的指令都會接收到。有指這個機型雖然防火牆保護,但自 2015 年就沒有更新。所以有說法是 WD 的伺服器端被駭,讓駭客藉此實行如此規模的行動。

不過 WD 發的聲明中就只有確認事件是因於惡意軟體而生,並沒有解釋到駭客是如何成功入侵,目前也僅建議使用者把裝置離線,以防被影響。

"Western Digital has determined that some My Book Live devices are being compromised by malicious software. In some cases, this compromise has led to a factory reset that appears to erase all data on the device. The My Book Live device received its final firmware update in 2015. We understand that our customers' data is very important. At this time, we recommend you disconnect your My Book Live from the Internet to protect your data on the device. We are actively investigating and we will provide updates to this thread when they are available."