Auburn Fire Department uses a drone to feed a haul line and a life jacket

正當有很多人利用無人機來作娛樂用途之時,美國一位名為 Frank Roma 消防隊長卻已用它來救人了。在美國的 7 月 1 號之時,有一位 18 歲的男士和一位 12 歲的男童被困在一條位於緬因州的急流之巨石上,當消防隊長 Roma 及其隊員到場之後,Roma 竟想到可以利用自己的 DJI Phantom 3 無人機,把繫著救生衣的繩索運送給 18 歲的男士(男童本身已有救生衣),並以無人機作為觀察救援過程的工具;最終兩人獲救並且沒有受傷。

Roma 向記者表示這只是無人機眾多用途的其中一個而已,他還指事後有多地的消防部門致電向他請教如何用無人機輔助救援。其實類似的做法在外國已有人以概念測試的形式試行過,只是尚未有政府部門正式採用而已。

The AFD responded to assist Mechanic Falls with a swift water rescue. Also on location was the Poland FD, Oxford FD, Maine Game Wardens, Mechanic Falls PD and Androscoggin County Sheriffs Dept. Two young people had become trapped on a rock in the middle the river while trying to tube in the high water. One had a life jacket, the other did not. As rescue lines were set up down stream and a haul system was configured to allow for an inflatable rescue boat to be placed into the water to effect rescue of the two trapped young men, the AFD utilized a drone to fly out a tag line to the young man with no life jacket. He was instructed in how to untie the line from the drone and then pull a life jacket to him. You can see him doing so in this video. This technical rescue went very well and is an excellent example of inter agency cooperation and the benefits of training for these demanding events.

Posted by Auburn Fire Department on Tuesday, 30 June 2015