In this April 13, 2012 photo, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un stands next to senior military leaders during a ceremony in honor of his father, Kim Jong Il and grandfather, Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang. In very different ways, North Korea, run by the same family as a Stalinist dictatorship since the 1940s, and Myanmar, run by a cabal of generals, have opened themselves up over the past year or so, allowing the world to peer behind the political curtains they had so laboriously erected, but the question of whether there has been any real change still remains. (AP Photo/David Guttenfelder)

早幾日北韓的突然進入了完全的沒有網路的黑暗期,共斷線了 9 小時 31 分鐘,不過原因不明。事前美國總統 Obama 曾為 Sony 涉嫌被北韓駭而說話,並指會就北韓駭之舉有「適當回應」,所以人們很容易就會將北韓斷線跟 Obama 之言聯繫在一起。直至今日,北韓國防委員會終於藉著中央通信社發出聲明了。

根據路透社轉載的聲明指出,北韓指責美國就是幕後黑手,就像那些「流著鼻涕的小孩玩捉迷藏那樣」,干擾他們網絡。同時,他們再次否認跟 Sony 被駭有關,要求美國有證據就拿出來。此外,美聯社的報導指北韓認為美國總統需要「為《The Interview》負責」,並指他「經常言論魯莽,舉止就像熱帶雨林的猴子」。面對措詞強硬又有幾分幽默的指責,美國政府一位發言人表示北韓的聲明「真的可笑」。

[圖片來源:Associated Press]