Computex 2011:以 MIPS 為處理器的智慧電視機上盒

Atticus Wu
Atticus Wu
2011年06月4日, 上午 09:00
除了超便宜 MIPS 核心的 Android 手機以外,MIPS 在 Computex 2011 中展出了智慧型電視機上盒,當然這也是從 Android 推出以來, MIPS 最主力的戰場。這次展出的兩台機上盒有各自的特色。第一台機上盒強調透過瀏覽器、以無線網路內網的方式可以直接控制機上盒,讓使用者用平板電腦或智慧型手機進行控制。

另一個台機上盒展示的是可以順利播放 Adobe Air 、Flash 和 HTML5 應用程式的能力, 特別是 Adobe Air 的部份是其他智慧型電視沒有提及過的特點。但未來標準的 Google TV 都可以安裝 Android Market 所有的應用程式,MIPS 要累積更多的開發者願意上傳到自家應用程式市集才會有贏面。跳轉全文可以看三段影片:

Computer 2011: MIPS-based Smart STB

In addition to low-cost MIPS-based Android smartphone, in this year's Computex, MIPS also showcases their smart STB (Set-top Box). Each of the two STP on display have their own special features. The first STB focus on remote control via wireless LAN. Users can use their tablet or smartphone to remotely control STB by wireless LAN.

The second STB focus on its capacity to run Adobe Air, Flash and HTML5 application. The capacity to run Adobe Air especially, is something that other smart STB lacks at the moment. However, in the future, all standard Google TV will be able to install all apps from Android Market, MIPS would require more willing developers to participate in their own application market to leverage their chance of success.

Continue after the break for three view clips:

Customized interface for Facebook on smart STB

HTML5 on smartphone

Flash playback on smart STB

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