Silcon Image是HDMI聯盟重要的成員,這次在Computex主要是推廣兩項技術,分別是針對手機等手持裝置的影像輸出方案MHL,以及針對高品質無線影像傳輸的Wireless HD。MHL是透過手機的microi USB介面,搭配Silicom Image晶片,除了可傳輸到支援MHL的HDMI介面顯示器以外,還可在傳輸的過程同時充電,目前已有多款手機搭載MHL技術,包括甫上市的HTC Sensation以及三星Galaxy S2都是搭載MHL介面,不過支援MHL技術、可對手機進行供電的顯示器近期才會正式推出。

另外一項是針對高階無線需求的Wireless HD,這項技術是透過60GHz進行傳輸,傳輸距離為10公尺,而Wireless HD一樣是已經可用的技術,除了Dell Alienware 17吋遊戲筆電以外,Vizio也推出WirelessHD的收發套件,北美零售價179美金,基於HDCP版權保護,一個發射器只能對應一個接收器。WirelessHD能夠滿足如遊戲的低延遲,所以包括電競、PS3等,也不會有畫面與主機不同步的現象。
Silicon Image is an important member of the HDMI alliance. They are here to promote two technologies; MHL, which is a solution for video output on portable devices, and Wireless HD. MHL works via the micro USB, and a Silicon Image chip will render videos to HDMI displays that supply MHL. This also means that your device can be charged at the same time. Some recently released phones, like HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S2 are both equipped with MHL. However, the corresponding displays are still in the production line.

Wireless HD is broadcasted on 60 GHz at a max distance of 10 meters. Alienware 17" laptop is already equipped with Wireless HD, and Vizio is coming out with a peripheral for $175 USD. One catch is that one transmitter is paired with only one receiver due to HDCP copyrights. Wilreless HD is sufficient for most gaming uses.