Comptuex 2011:鉅瞻(BandRich)的產品已經正式支援 LTE

2011年06月3日, 早上 06:00
擁有 HTC 血統的鉅瞻(BandRich)這次的攤位相當低調,竟然在世貿一館的二樓,讓筆者找了一下。現場展出的設備幾乎都是跟 4G (LTE)有關,像是行動熱點與網卡,都已經可以正式支援 LTE 與 HSPA+ ,WiFi 也能支援到 Pre-N 。 LTE 下載可到 100 Mbps ,上傳則有 50 Mbps 。

上圖這款型號為 "Bandluxe PR50" 行動熱點,除了上述功能外,並且具有 AGPS 與 GPS 資料功能,現在的行動熱點尚不具備 GPS 分享的功能,因此 iPad WiFi 版若使用現在的行動熱點是無法使用定位服務甚至GPS功能的,PR50就可以解決前述問題,而且電池容量提升到2200mAh。


Computex 2011: BandRich LTE Devices

As a subsidiary of HTC, BandRich's show booth this year is rather low key. Located in the second floor of Taipei WTC One. Nearly all devices on display here are 4G(LTE) related, such as mobile hotspots and wireless NICs. All support LTE and HSPA+, and Pre-N for WiFi. With LTE, it is possible for 100Mps download and 50Mps for upload.

In addition to all features mentioned above, the Bandluxe PR50, as shown above, have AGPS and GPS data support. At the moment, conventional hotspots don't have GPS data sharing facility, therefore device such as iPad WiFi, can not utilize location service or GPS function with conventional. PR50 on the other hand is capable of provide such facility and on top of that, battery capacity have been boosted to 2200mAh.

R500 也支援 LTE ,並且還支援 VoIP ,還有RJ11設置。
R500 also supports LTE, as well as VoIP, and RJ-11 port

C500 是 4G 網卡,WiFi 天線支援 MIMO 機制。
C500 series 4G wireless NIC, with support for MIMO
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