NVIDIA Tegra 平台今天總算正式跟大家見面了!(上圖為他們家自豪的、比手掌還要小的 Tegra 平台 SoC)

今天的發表會上,主要有幾個重點,一個當然是 Tegra 的技術內幕;老實說也不是啥內幕,就是 NVIDIA 的 CEO 黃仁勳(Jen-Hsun Huang)、行動事業部大頭(General Manager of Mobile Businuss Unit)Michael Rayfield 在發表會上接力狂打他們家一路走來如何不斷投入研發經費,然後最終達到小而省電的境界。

而當中最關鍵的省電技術,就是讓 Tegra 平台上的一堆處理單元(如 CPU、GPU、2D 加速引擎、HD 影片編碼器、HD 影片解碼器、音效、影像處理元件、核心等)可以玩接力賽,在該啟用的時候才啟用,該睡的時候睡,讓每一分電都能最有效的被使用,平均的耗電功率自然就會超低。(現場摸在跑 720p 影片 的 netbook,還真是涼到不像話! )

另一個重點,則是 Adobe 跟 NVIDIA 聯袂加入了 Open Screen Project(另外還包括了 Broadcom),這計畫的重點,是讓 Adobe Flash Player 將來可以獲得 GPU 的加持,當然 Tegra 平台的產品,也都會支援 Flash Player,可以讓網路的影音內容播放更加流暢。(現場也有示範,確實相當流暢)

至於在將來 Tegra 產品的特色方面,簡單條列如下:
  • 續航力方面,可連續 25 天播放音樂或播放 1080p 影片達十小時
  • 遊戲中最高可以 46 fps 來播放動畫
  • Adobe Flash 可利用 GPU 加速
  • 處理器可以持續在啟用狀態(反正耗電功率低),讓使用者可以快速啟動 netbook
  • 支援 3G、WiFi、WiMax 等無線通訊方式
而在售價方面,則是會有很殺的 199 美元,若獲得通信商補貼,甚至可以更低;當然這次也不會讓大家白跑一趟,有幾家公司已經有一些概念機的推出,在現場則是以 Windows CE 執行(請參考 Mobinnova elan),各位可以在跳轉後收看!

NVIDIA Tegra finally reveals itself today! (Photo above: Their pound achievement, the smaller-than -palm-size Tegra SoC )

In today's product announcement, there are several keynotes, and one of them naturally being the inside story behind the development of Tegra....correction.... it's actually a relayed rally by Jen-Hsun Huang (CEO of NVIDIA) and Michael Rayfield (GM of Mobile Business Unit) on how much research funds they have put in throughout the course of development to make Tegra small and energy efficient.

The key , is to let the processing units (i.e. CPU, GPI, 2D acceleration engine, HD video encoder, HD video decoder, audio and image processing core and etc.) to play baton reply together - active on demand, sleep when done – so every single drop of energy can be used efficiently. (And the live demonstration unit running 720p video proved the point – its cool enough to touch)

The other key point mentioned in the conference is the join- participation of Adobe and NVIDIA in Open Screen Project (which includes other heavy weights like Braodcom). The key to this project is to allow Adobe Flash Player to receive processing support from GPU for smoother video playback. Naturally, the Tegra-based products will be supporting this feature, which is demonstrated live in the conference.

As for the product features of Tegra, here is the list:
* 25 days of music or 10-hours of 1080p video playback on a single charge
* Up to 46fps in video games
* GPU-based video playback acceleration in Adobe Flash Player
* CPU in netbooks can stay on constantly for quick boot up
* Wireless communication support for 3G, WiFi, WiMax and etc.

As for the price, it's estimated to be a rocking USD$199, which may be lower with reimbursement from telecoms. There are several prototype units on display, mostly Windows CE based (see our article on Mobinnova elan here). Continue for more photos after the break!
ICD Ultra 平板電腦(Tablet)
ICD Ultra tablet

Inventec 家的 Rainbow(netbook)
Rainbow netbook from Inventec

Mobinnova 的 Mabo 平板電腦(tablet)
Mobinnova Mabo tablet

和碩聯合(Pegatron)的 Vivid(netbook)
Pegratron Vivid netbook

緯創(Wistron)的 M5(netbook)
Wistron M5 netbook

不久前看過的 Mobinnova elan(netbook)
Mobinnova elan netbook