Mobinnova élan 應該算是 Tegra 家族的 Netbook 中,最完善的一台了。elan 重不及一公斤,但跑起 720p 的影片一點問題也沒有,而且持續播電影可以撐三部以上(至少七個小時)、一般使用至少 10 小時。到底 Tegra 跑起影片來如何?看繼續閱讀裡的影片吧!


Mobinnova élan is probably the best Netbook in the Tegra family. It's less than 1kg, but it handles 720p movies really well and can play more than 3 movies in one charge (that's at least 7 hrs) or provide 10 hurs of normal usage. How does Tegra handle videos? Check out the clip after the break.