Mio除了推Intel Atom的輕省筆電(Netbook),另外還有推一部12吋的版本,型號為N1210,最大的特點就是使用AMD為輕省筆電所推出的最新平台 - Congo,Annti先將規格與特色條列如下:

1.CPU為AMD Athlon Neo MV-40,時脈1.4 1.6 GHz,TDP 15W
2.晶片組為RS780M + SB710
4.解析度為1266 × 768
7.預載Windows 7 Home Premium版

N1210與N890一樣,預計今年第3季上市,而平台會有AMD Yukon或Congo兩種,因為內建3.5G模組,也會與電信商合作。另外,從上市時間與預載Windows 7來猜測,看來微軟的Windows 7就是在今年第3季正式上市吧

<Computex 2009: Mio's 12" AMD Congo based Netbook>
Apart from Intel Atom based netbook, Mio also revealed their N1210, a 12" netbook based on AMD's new platform for netbook, Congo. The specification and special features are as following:
1. CPU: AMD Athlon Neo MV-40, clock speed at 1.4GHz, 15W TDP
2. Chipset: RS780M + SB710
3. Capable of playback 1080p videos smoothly
4. Screen resolution: 1266x768
5. Built-in 3.5G module
6. Weight 1.3kg, thickness 2.5cm
7. Preloaded with Windows 7 Home Premium edition
8. Top with suede-like finish and specially designed base part (looks like a blow-up version of Touch Diamond)

Same as N890, N1210 is scheduled to be released in third quarter of this year in AMD Yukon and Congo platform.