AMD今天在Comutex 2009發表新產品,Annti太早到,不小心拍到一些東西後,就廠商被趕出來,其中比較值得注意的就是Acer型號為ZA8的筆電,CPU為 Athlon L110,時脈為1.2GHz,GPU為ATi Radeon X1270,解析度為1366 × 768,也有3G連線。Annti之前沒看過這一部,而且是貼著Gateway的品牌,不過記者會還沒開始,待會就知道詳情了。

這次還有展出明基的Joybook Lite T131(請點我),這部大陸已經發表,台灣還是沒消沒息,現場也有HP Pavilion dv2與Medion Akoya Mini E1311,除了Acer ZA8之外,這幾部都是AMD Yukon平台(Sempron 210U + ATi Radeon HD 3200)。

<Computex 2009: Laptops that use the AMD platform, including the Acer ZA8>

Today at Computex 2009, AMD is annoucing their new product lineup. Our journalist Annti got there too early, and got kicked out after snapping a few spy shots. What catches our attention is the Acer ZA8, which has the Athlon L110 CPU at 1.2GHz, an ATI Radeon X1270 GPU, a screen with 1366X768 resolution and 3G connectivity. This is actually the first time we see the ZA8, and here it is rebranded to Gateway. We will bring you more coverage once the press conference is over.

Also at the scene is the Joybook Lite T131 by Benq, which was announced in mainland China but not yet in Taiwan. Other AMD Yukon laptops include the HP Pavilion dv2 and Medion Akoya Mini E1311, and all of these machines have Sempron 210U and ATI Radeon HD3200.