Computex 2008:小筆電大轟炸之AIRIS加映不給拍之Aware

2008年06月8日, 晚上 06:30


<Computex 2008: 'More' Ultra-Portables – AIRIS (and Sneaky Shots of Aware ultra-portable)>
Had enough of Netbook/ultra-portables that you feel sick? No worries, let us deliver the final straw.

At this year's Computex, Netbook/ultra-portable are the hot babes. No matter branded or unbranded, big company or small company, everyone is into it. This time, we came across an ultra-portable from a manufacturer called AIRIS.

連同第一張圖,可以看到AIRIS所推出輕省筆電的規格、鍵盤配置與擴充性,當然,它也可以跑Windows XP。
From above, we can see AIRIS ultra-portable's spec, keyboard layout and extension ports. And of course, it can run Windows XP.

AIRIS ISA-Q1019, with different colour schemes.


Apart from AIRIS, we also came across another manufacturer, AWARE, showcasing their Netbook-like product. Why do we say 'Netbook-like'? Because we have been told that their ultra-portables were first debuted at last year's Computex. This year they even came up with an ultra-portable that has a separate keyboard and console. Of course, we did try to get some more details; however, the manufacturer was not so keen on letting us taking photos. Therefore, we can only leave you with these spy shots.

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