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Computex 2009:聲控你的iPod Nano - AITALK

文章分類: 隨身音樂, 蘋果Apple


這個產品名為 "AITALK" ,簡單說就是可以用聲音下指令來控制iPod nano,而且會有多國語言的版本,當然也會支援繁體中文。這家公司叫 "Aibelive" (慧智網),據說原本是作語音辨識起家的,使用Nuance的技術。





<Computex 2009: Aitalk Which Control IPod Nano by Voice>

It is called "AITALK", which enables giving voice commands to iPod nano, and will come in multi-language packs including zh-TW. The manufacturer is called "Aibelive" who was said to start with using Nuance techonology to make voice recognition systems.

AITALK has been approved by Apple and will first come to the market in the USA, at a price of $84.9, which is around NT$2800.

See the voice commands listed in the picture below.



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