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Computex 2009:資策會的 Mtube II

文章分類: 筆記型電腦, 平板電腦

這玩意兒其實算是整個 Computex 2009 上小薑看過最創新的一個 Netbook 產品,結果偏偏是個上市時間不明的政府機關產品 XD。簡單來說 Mtube II 下半是個正常的 Atom Via C7-M Netbook(事實上他們是一台 HP 2133 改的),而上半則是一台可分離式的 ARM 架構 Tablet。平常的時候可以只用上面 Tablet 的部份,但需要更強的運算能力的時候,插上去就可以跑 Windows 的應用程式了。

這是怎麼辦到的呢?其實說穿了不值錢,它只是在 Tablet 和主機之間做一個網路連線,然後使用遠端桌面將主機的畫面送到 Tablet 上。這樣做雖然會讓影片播放之類的應用執行困難,卻留下了 Tablet 離開主機後,還能透過無線網路繼續 access 主機軟體的可能性。

現場示範人員說這東西要能實現,快的話至少也要個一年才有可能,只能希望有廠商趕快 pick up 這個概念囉!繼續閱讀裡有影片。

<Computex 2009: Mtube II from III*>
We think this thing might be the most innovative netbook in this year's Computex. However, it's a creation of a government organization, which means the chance to see it in the market will be slim. Basically, the lower half of this Mtube II is a normal Atom-based netbook (a modified HP2133 actually), and top half is a detachable ARM-based tablet. Under normal usage, the tablet can operate alone, however, when more processing power is needed, the tablet can be reattached to run Windows applications.

The mechanism behind this thing is simple. A network connection is patched between the tablet and the lower-half base, and a remote desktop application is used to transmit the screen from the base to the tablet. The delay in between may limits its use in video replay or similar applications; however, this design leaves the possibility open for accessing software applications running in the base via wireless connection, while the tablet part is detached from the base.

The staff onsite told us, it would take at least another year of development for this to become a practically usable solution. Meanwhile, we hope there will be some manufacturers picking up this idea and turn into something marketable. Checkout the video clip after the break.

* Translator: Institute for Information Industry in Taiwan, a semi-governmental organization acting as a think tank and consulting body for both government and private sectors.


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