Moorestown 是啥?Moorestown 就是下一代的 Atom CPU,據 Intel 的說法,消耗的電力只有第一代 Atom Z 的 50 分之一。現場 Intel 展出了英業達、仁寶、廣達、EB 等廠的 Moorestown 參考機器,老實說和第一代的 MID 感覺差不多,只是外型做得更薄而已。在 ARM 架構的 Smartphone(Snapdragon、Tegra)和 Netbook 之間,真的有 4"、5" 大小的行動上網裝置存在的空間嗎?你會帶著一台這種說大不大,說小不小的上網裝置在路上晃嗎?
<Computex 2009: Intel Mid Moorestown First Look>
What is Moorestown? Oh, it is the next generation of Atom CPU, which consumes only half of the energy as the Atom Z, according to Intel. Intel has an array of Inventec, Compal and EB's model computers running on Mooretown; however, to tell the truth, they do not seem so much different from the MIDs we have now, just thinner. Between the smartphones (Snapdragon, Tegra) and netbooks, do we really need other 4" or 5" MIDs? Wouldn't it be awkward to carry around?



7 張圖片

廣達(Quanta)MID M1


10 張圖片

英業達(Inventec)MID X3


3 張圖片

仁寶下滑 QWERTY 鍵盤 MID


11 張圖片

仁寶(Compal)MID 無 QWERTY


8 張圖片


Computex 2009:Intel MID 之夢不死 -- Moorestown 產品搶鮮看

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