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Computex 2009:微軟Arc滑鼠山寨版

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不知為什麼,Annti看到這支滑鼠的時候,感覺跟某家之前推出的產品好像......是的!!!就是那個微軟的Arc滑鼠(請點我),外型幾乎九成像,可以作到這麼像,I 服了 you。

這家廠商從大陸來參展,名為 "B-Link" ,除了上述的山寨Fake外,還有其他外型頗有趣的產品,請參考圖集。

<Computex 2009: Microsoft Arc Mouse Clone>
The first impression we received from this mouse is its close resemblance to one certain mouse product from Microsoft.... Yes, we are talking about the Microsoft Arc mouse, almost 90% similar in appearance. It looks like somebody is really dare to game.

The manufacturer, B-Link, is here for the show from PRC. Apart from the mouse clone mentioned above, there are some other interesting looking products on display too. Please proceed to photo gallery for more.



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