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Computex 2009:iodd 的虛擬光碟隨身硬碟

文章分類: 儲存裝置


我知道這名字很怪,但在沒有更好的名字的前提下,先將就著用吧!簡單來說 iodd 的這顆隨身硬碟內建了硬體虛擬光碟的功能,也就是說將它插在電腦上時,會同時出現一顆外接硬碟和一個虛擬的光碟機。虛擬光碟機讀的是 ISO 檔,只要將檔案放在硬碟裡的 "_iso" 資料夾,就可以用左側的一個小撥桿,選要 mount 的檔案,選中的會出現在小螢幕上。

這個設計讓你可以省去裝虛擬光碟軟體的麻煩,也適合拿來在小筆電上看 DVD 影片。但更厲害的用法,或許是拿它在沒有光碟機的筆電上安裝作業系統吧?可以省很多事呢!


<Computex 2009: Iodds Optical Drive Emulation HDD Enclosure>

The name is weird, but we have to improvise with it for now since there is not a better one. Simply put, iodd is a portable HDD installed with a virtual optical drive. When you connect it to a computer, you will see an external HDD and a virtual optical drive which opens ISO files. You can mount a file simply by putting it in the "_iso" folder in the HDD and select from the menu at the left. It will then appear on the small screen of the device.

This design saves you from installing additional virtual optical drives and may be used when watching DVD films with netbooks. However, the most fantastic idea is probably to use it to install the OS system on a notebook (or netbook) with no optical drive. Saves you tons of trouble!

Showing a HDD (G:) and an optical drive (underneath)

A HDD and an optical drive is recognized and you may boot from the optical drive.

支援 USB 和 eSATA
It supports USB and eSATA.


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