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Computex 2009:Snapdragon Netbook 搶鮮看

文章分類: 筆記型電腦


ARM 陣營要拿什麼出來跟 Wintel 拼?下午的這場 Qualcomm 記者會就給了我們答案。大致來說,Snapdragon 的特色就是輕、薄、涼、省 -- 絕大部份現場展出的參考機型拿起來都輕若無物,而且都沒有散熱口!

這些機器都沒有打出規格來(真的上市的話應該也會略有不同),但單純就 Form factor 來說,ARM netbook 確實是令人期待啊!機器的照片在繼續閱讀裡。


<Computex 2009: A Taste of Snapdragon Netbook to Come>
So what does the ARM camp have in store to compete with Wintel? We got the answer from this afternoon's Qualcomm press conference. In short, Snapdragon is light, thin, cool and energy-efficient – most engineering samples displayed in this conference are light as feather with no heat exhaust outlet.

No specifications available on these machines (naturally, most likely to be different, if made to general market), however from form factor alone, ARM netbook is something to look forward to. Continue below for more photos.

Inventec's reference sample (ultra thin!)

緯創(WIstron)的參考筆電,有 Vaio P 的味道 XD。空白鍵下面的小方塊,是光學感應式的軌跡球。
Wistron's reference sample, got a touch of Vaio P feeling to it. The small square below the space bar is a optic-sensing trackball.

跑 Snapdragon + Android 的 Eee PC。沒有散熱口喔!
Eee PC running Snapdragon + Android, no heat outlet!


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