PQI在這次展覽裡,展出了自家全線的所有產品;像是USB隨身碟、Flash記憶卡、Intelligent Stick智慧棒、DRAM模組、DOM及MP3隨身聽六大產品。而此次,更動員了自家公司捐獻生活照,製作了「U510客製化名片碟」名片牆在現場展出。另外,針對數位攝影市場的使用需求,推出了目前市場最高速的CF 300X 16GB記憶卡,讓你不管是用小山豬或是大小兔,盡情去亂槍打鳥。而可愛造型,體積小巧精緻的隨身碟,也是吸引不少國外買家的眼光。

And there is more flash drives to behold. Last, but not least, is PQI, a company which recently garnered some attention due to its high profile in SSDs. Like the other memory manufacturers, there are Flash drives, memory cards, DRAM modules and MP3 players abound, but a few products stood out, like a wall of customized U510 card flash drives, industry leading 300X 16GB CF cards to go with your spank'n new EOS-1D Mark III, and just way, way too many flash drives for one day.

Computex 2007 PQI


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COMPUTEX 2007:PQI 勁永國際

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