Intel 的展場和往常佔去了一大塊地方 -- 基本上國際會議中心的四樓只有他們一家而已。Intel 今年展出的主角主要是新的一串晶片組,但四處逛逛後,還真被我們發現了好東西:Intel 2007 年版的 UMPC,代號「Donley」。跳轉後看 Donley 的照片和其他 Intel 的展出品。

The Intel booth took a lot of space (as usual) , complete with the obligatory mobo wall. Most of this year's exhibition focuses on the new chipsets, but we did find a few gems lying around, including the 2007 version of their "concept" UMPC, which looks ironically familiar. Click on the find out why.

Computex 2007 Intel


15 張圖片


素滴,這就是 Donley。看起來很熟悉嗎?或許是因為它曾經出現在「擁抱開放原始碼:Intel 發表 Linux 系統的 UMPC-MID」這篇文章裡吧!不論如何,這台顯然沒打算貫撤它「開放原始碼」的崇高理想,再度換回了熟悉的 Vista 介面。規格上這台小 UMPC 重約 750g,有著 5" 的螢幕、3 小時的電力、1.3mp 的攝影機、和設計很好玩的滑蓋。我們不知道它的 CPU、RAM 之類硬體規格,不過能跑動 Vista 應該不差吧!做為概念機它大概是沒機會上市,不過據工作人員說,真的上市的話,售價大約在 700 美元上下。

Yes, this is the 2007 Donley UMPC. Looks familiar? Maybe it's because it's featured in the article "Intel's MID UMPCs: So long XP/Vista, hello Linux" (it's in the gallery) a few weeks back, and, as we can tell you now with confidence, Vista's still alive and kicking on the Donley's 5" screen. Other specs include a 3 hr battery life, a 1.3mp camera, and a very interesting flip screen (video follows). For some reason we got no info on the more "inner" specs such as CPU and RAM, but it shouldn't be too bad since it's capable of running vista. The concept UMPC itself may never hit the market, but it should cost "around 700 USD" if it does.

螢幕翻轉 / Screen flip'n action

超會彈的觸控筆 / The flying stylus

另一個有趣的展品,是以 x86 為核心的大型機台 -- 這裡是仿頭文字D的賽車機。畫面雖然差強人意,但這個概念卻相當吸引人:以 x86 為架構應該不僅能降低不少硬體成本,對減少開發新遊戲的成本應該也有能有幫助才是。

Another interesting thing that popped up is an arcade machine based on the x86 architecture. Video quality is mediocre at best, making the initial-D-look-alike game seem as if it's an antique from around 2002. But to it's credit, using a x86 architecture should effectively lower both hardware and development costs, perfect for developing countries.

電腦展真是太好玩了! / An arcade in a Computer trade show!

COMPUTEX 2007:Intel 展場巡禮