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COMPUTEX 2007:日立展場巡禮

文章分類: 產業新聞, 儲存裝置

日立今年亂悶一把的,沒有展出什麼特別值得一提的東西。比較值得一提的大概只有一台以 SATA 為介面的 Blu-ray / HD DVD 混合光碟機,型號是 GGW-H20N。這型號看起來有些熟悉?哎呀,大概是因為 Hitachi 和 LG 合資的 Hitachi-LG Data Storage 先一步掛 LG 的品牌推出了 GGW-H10N 吧!兩台的差別還真分不出來,要說的話,大概只有說明牌上的 BD 燒錄被紙片貼掉了,怪...

"Nothing to see" is probably the best description for Hitachi's booth at Computex 2007 this year. The only notable thing on display is a Blu-ray / HD DVD drive that looks suspiciously like something we've seen before, which probably isn't really that surprising since the manufacturing company goes by the name of Hitachi-LG Data Storage. The model number of this particular drive is GGW-H20N, a bit up from the GGW-H10N seen on the previous model. How these two drives differ is yet unknown, but a suspicious piece of white paper over the words "Blu-ray burning" suggests that this drive might be read only for the two HDs. Visit the gallery for a shot of the new Hitachi drive, and a lot of what we all know too well...


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